• Struggling with life or school grades BUT want to walk across that STAGE!
    • Interested in planning their career path!
    • Planning to work summers, weekends and immediately after graduation!
    • Interested in becoming their own boss!

What is required? A commitment to YOURSELF! 

What will you do? Work at bringing you’re “A” game to SCHOOL and to the JOB MARKET.

Program Outline:  

    • Participants will know what courses, certification and/or degree matches their career goals 
    • Participants will receive a short-term career/life action plan (which includes graduating from HS, or GED if applicable)
    • Participants will know how to search job engines and how to register online
    • Participants will work on an up-to-date-resume
    • Participants will begin the research for owning or starting their own business
    • Participants will be coached on how to attend an Interview for a job and/or training Op (depending on participant)
    • Participants will receive mentoring and guided support for making a plan to successfully continue high school 



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