BPB Floyd Inc., California

Vincent Shaver Sr., President

BPB Floyd Inc. feels there is an urgent need in the community to build a community-based program that addressed and alleviated the devastating effects of escalating Gang Activity and Violence. Our community will remain the same if we don't invest in empowering our youth against the lifestyle of being a gang member. Both our youth and community must be educated to understand that crime is a symptom of a more significant problem, and until the causes of criminal behavior are addressed, crime will continue to be a growing problem in our community. One does not have to go far from their dwellings to see first hand the road our youth are traveling without guidance. 
A vast amount of our youth suffers from the lack of SELF-WORTH and SELF-RESPECT, providing our youth with acquiring a primary education, sustainable means and positive opportunities for success, has particular importance for their future which could lead them down the path of becoming authentic leaders in the community. Our programs will be designed to bring awareness, and provide positive opportunities, activities for our youth so that structured restorative justice can be achieved.


  • Building relationships with an array of stakeholders to offer a spectrum of services to reduce negative behaviors, delinquency, gang involvement, and to increase pro-social behaviors.


  • Engage youth so they can realize their potential and become authentic leaders and contribute to the safety of our communities.


  • Meeting young people where they are whether it's struggling with life or school grades and connect them too strong support mentors while exposing our youth to positive opportunities and resources to reach their full potential and Save Lives.


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