Community Choice Awards

SACRAMENTO - April 06, 2019

Location: TBA

A BPB Floyd Event is an excellent opportunity for our community to meet to share knowledge, experience and our passion for the youth.

Be brave and step out of your comfort zone to try to do something different. Get involved our youth are facing obstacles and challenging, and every youth’s situation is unique. It Takes a Village, and we would be honored to have you join us as we lead the way in a positive environment that allows for individuals to reach their fullest potential.

-Vincent Shaver Sr.
President of BPB Floyd Inc.


2nd Annual Basketball Tournament

June 22, 2019
Sacramento California

BPB Floyd Inc., is excited to host our 2nd Annual Basketball Tournament Come cheer on Team “BPB Floyd” and Team “Voices of Reality” as they show off their awesome basketball skills! 


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